Hookani Testimonials

“As a Naturopath I am aware of the importance of the water quality and always recommend to my patients quality over quantity. I was amazed how refreshing and pure every sip of this water tasted. The photograph of the beautiful molecular crystal structure of Hookani water confirms it’s very special energetic and molecular quality. This sound frequency imprinted water is most certainly a great choice for your health.”
- Agata Pedzik BHSc (Naturopathy), Melbourne, Australia

“I was skeptical at first but after I started using Hookani I can feel a shift in my body. The positive energy from the vibrations actually makes me feel happy and at peace.”
- Lacy, Utah

“When I drink Hookani water it makes me feel balanced, steady and connected to the earth.”
- Candice, Kentucky

“After the first drink of Hookani water, I instantly felt covered with nourishment and joy. I was at the pool with my friend, [and] we were enjoying the hot day and the children swimming. So, I contributed those feelings to the environment I was in. It was like a sixth sense had come over me, and around me. Days later, I had another bottle, but that day I felt something different...I felt instantly charged with clarity, focus, balance and a drive to charge the day ahead of me. I knew it was the waters frequency that made it happen. I personally contribute the frequency infused water to the wonderful emotions and feelings I receive after drinking it.”
- Ashley, Kentucky

I have been drinking Hookani Water for sixty days and I am addicted to the tingling, euphoric feeling that I get when drinking Hookani Water. I can actually feel my body healing with every drink that I take. Hookani is life changing.
Jacqueline, Tennessee