Hookani Testimonials

“After a couple of days using Hookani in my water, drinks and cooking water, I started noticing changes on my figure. I have had water retention for a long time, treating it with pills, then with homeopathy, healing energy etc… I did have some results and the they would disappear if I stopped taking treatments.

Hookani water raised my vibration, it talked to my cells and as my vibration raised, my body started to self-clean. Water is not being retained anymore. Stored fats cells are melting away and lean muscles are starting to shape themselves!

I am excited to see what will happen next.

Witnessing what was happening with my body, I decided to give it to my plants too. No surprises, they are thriving , new leaves and flowers are emerging. I cannot get enough. This product is magical, it is divine.

Thank you Victoria and the team at Hookani water.”

Please feel free to rewrite it as you like. English is not my first language, but you get the main idea of what I want to say.

Words cannot express my gratitude to you.

Sending much love and infinite bliss.”
- Arlette Nkurayija

“As a Naturopath I am aware of the importance of the water quality and always recommend to my patients quality over quantity. I was amazed how refreshing and pure every sip of this water tasted. The photograph of the beautiful molecular crystal structure of Hookani water confirms it’s very special energetic and molecular quality. This sound frequency imprinted water is most certainly a great choice for your health.”
- Agata Pedzik BHSc (Naturopathy), Melbourne, Australia

“I was skeptical at first but after I started using Hookani I can feel a shift in my body. The positive energy from the vibrations actually makes me feel happy and at peace.”
- Lacy, Utah

“When I drink Hookani water it makes me feel balanced, steady and connected to the earth.”
- Candice, Kentucky

“After the first drink of Hookani water, I instantly felt covered with nourishment and joy. I was at the pool with my friend, [and] we were enjoying the hot day and the children swimming. So, I contributed those feelings to the environment I was in. It was like a sixth sense had come over me, and around me. Days later, I had another bottle, but that day I felt something different...I felt instantly charged with clarity, focus, balance and a drive to charge the day ahead of me. I knew it was the waters frequency that made it happen. I personally contribute the frequency infused water to the wonderful emotions and feelings I receive after drinking it.”
- Ashley, Kentucky

I have been drinking Hookani Water for sixty days and I am addicted to the tingling, euphoric feeling that I get when drinking Hookani Water. I can actually feel my body healing with every drink that I take. Hookani is life changing.
- Jacqueline, Tennessee

We like when you drink it, as we feel an energy burst or boost, and we feel effervesent and giggly. It changes the emotional state and helps with brain fog and gives you clarity. It elevates the mood and brings more joy and happiness. It carries the similar energy of ormus or a vortex. All of these things elevate the quality of the water. The blessing of the water is very powerful and goes into the heart and soul of the being and every time they drink the water the blessing comes in again and goes into replay. The water is very healing.
- The Body Elemental

The water is an energy containment device that when people touch the bottle or bring it on their skin or bring it inside, it’s a balancing mechanism and helps them to manage their energy. It gives them a space to breathe so they can live in the higher space of the chakras and get out of the lower chakras.
- The Arcturians

We (pet dogs) are excited about the water! It raises the frequency in the house. We hear the musical notes that the water emits, as it is like a Tibetan singing bowl. It is soothing and serene. It sounds better, tastes better and we feel synchronized by its beauty.
- Animal Whisperer

I give my full blessing, as this has been downloaded to bring as a healing balm or frequency to those on earth at this time of ascension.
- Mother Mary

I am inviting people to allow this water to lift their frequency from the limited third dimension to the freedom of the higher vibrations. It is a tool brought forth from the heavenly realms at this time to be able to liberate beloved souls into the freedom of walking as living masters: being their true selves, their divine selves. Being able to create the world that brings them joy. That is the potential that is in this wonderful water.
- St. Germaine