This area where the two circles intersect forms what's called a Vesica Piscis. This configuration is one of the most predominant and important of all relationships in sacred geometry. It is the womb of creation. The name literally means the bladder of the fish in Latin. The Vesica Pisces is one of the most important geometrical designs of ancient and modern times. The Vesica Pisces can be found on nearly every medieval church in Europe.

God was symbolized as a circle in the earliest cultures, having no beginning or end, eternally existing, perfectly shaped and absolutely symmetrical. The creation of a second circle symbolized the start of the duality of god and goddess, male and female. When two circles intersect, the form of the Vesica Pisces is created as if the god and goddess formed a divine offspring. The Vesica Pisces design and its offshoots, the Flower of Life, Tree of Life, and fundamentals of geometry, go back thousands of years preceding nearly all of today’s major religions.

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