What’s in a name? Names have great significance and should be chosen carefully. This is why we chose the word “Hookani” which means “Sound” in the Hawaiian language. Sound frequency is the core to the functionality of the water.

According to Native American Indian Joseph Rael, there are five principal vibrations or ideas that are in the five vowel sounds:

A (Ahh) = Purification
E (Eh) = Relationship / Placement
I (Eee) = Awareness
O (Oh) = Innocence
U (Uu) = Carrying

The Vowel sounds in the word “Hookani” contain the vibration of purification, awareness and innocence. So the vibrational enhancement in the name Hookani is to purifiy the water, increase your conscious awareness or raise your vibration and surrender to self-imposed limitations for self-healing.

Additionally, the letter “H” has the four “L’s” that you will find in the Christian Cross, Crux, Ansanta, the Qabbalistic Cross, the Cross of the Druids, the Celtic Cross, and Cross of Liberation, and the Ankh which represents Law, Life, Love and Light.

And last, but not least the “KA” sound represents the template that serves to regulate the flow of Ka energy in the body. The Ka is described as the basic cosmic light and life force that, when flowing properly in our physical and etheric bodies, replenishes the other meridian systems such as those used in Acupuncture and Shiatsu, and keeps them open and flowing.

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