Water carries cellular memory and can be programmed. The element of water is the largest energy component of which your bodies are made, and it keeps all other elements in balance. Water also acts as a conductor of all the bodies energy, and is the carrier of unconscious thought. In the book, The Healing Power of Energized Water it states “that if nature had no memory, there would be no evolution; all living things, including single-celled organisms, would always be forced to start over from nothingness.”

Crystals are known to store memory and that is why they are widely used in the design of watches and computer technology. Additionally, the water in your blood is liquid crystal and blood is mostly water further demonstrating waters power to program and hold cellular memory.

Dr. Masaru Emoto is a scientist who has demonstrated the memory of water using the frequencies of rhythm, tempo, tone and melody in music. He has also photographed the effects that frequency and vibration has on the molecular structure of water. Check out his amazing photographs!

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